Smash Cabaret is an ongoing monthly musical competition. Performers that are chosen from the audition videos will be performing onstage to compete for the title on the day of the event. The audience will be the judges for the semi-final and final. The winner will be rewarded with prize money from our sponsors! As we appreciate great performances and constantly looking for new talent, audience who would love to perform is welcome to join us during the event and give an impromptu performance to all the musical lovers! Please join us and embark on an amazing musical journey.



☆Sing and Win☆
Audition video → Onstage ・ Semi-final (9 groups) → Onstage・ Final (4 groups) → Winner! Rewarded with prize money from our sponsors!

☆Challenge yourself☆
It’s always important to improve your strengths and overcome your weaknesses by pushing yourself beyond limits. Challenge yourself by trying different singing styles, genres, and roles. Remember, sky’s the limit!

☆Expand your musical horizons☆
Show us your talent and expose yourself to the musical world. You will be able to make friends with other musical lovers and make some good connections! You might even get scouted and increase your fan base at the event!



☆Variety of songs☆
There will be 9 groups and 13 performances in total. You will be able to listen to a variety of songs from the well-known Broadway and even Off-Broadway shows! Seize the chance as you don’t always see this in Japan!  

☆Become the judge☆
You will be one of the judges for the semi-final and final. Vote for the performer that you think has the best voice and acting. Please help us find the performance that touches your heart the most!

☆Impromptu performance☆
While waiting for the final result, audience is welcome to jump on the stage and give an impromptu performance. If you are one of the musical lovers and love to sing, please join us and sing!

Journey to becoming the winner

① Audition Video
Send us a link to the audition video through our website. Solo, duet, and trio are acceptable for the contest. 9 groups will be chosen to perform onstage during the day of the event. To participate in the contest, performers need to be available on the day of the event for both the rehearsal and onstage performance. (Overall performance is as important as your singing skills, please send us an audition video contains the footage of your performance which can be clearly seen.)

② Rehearsal on the day of the event
The two-hour rehearsal will be held two and a half hours before the event. Each group will have 12-15 minutes of rehearse time. Performers and the pianist will be rehearsing together to make sure everything is running smooth during the event.

9 groups will be competing against each other and the audience will be voting for the performance they like the most. 4 groups will be entering the final.

The remaining 4 groups will be competing for the title and the winner will be chosen by the audience.

⑤Winner Announcement
The group with most votes from the audience will claim the title and win the prize money.