《 What is SMASH CABARET? 》

SMASH CABARET is an ongoing monthly musical competition in Tokyo, started in 2017. Performers that are chosen from the audition videos will be performing onstage to compete for the title on the day of the event. The audience will be the judges for the semi-finals and finals. The winner is up for grabs with a $300 money prize.

《 Open Call 》

Win the International SMASH CABARET Award and grab with a $300 money prize!

We are looking for musical performers who want to perform in front of the audience on March 20 at the West End Lounge (New York). Send us a link to your audition video through the form below. soloists, duets, and trios are all welcome to submit. 8 or 9 groups will be chosen to perform onstage during the day of the event. To participate in the contest, performers need to be available on the day of the event for both the rehearsal and onstage performance. Overall performance is as important as your singing skills, please send us an audition video that contains the footage of your performance which can be clearly seen. 

Deadline: March 1, 2019

① Audition Video 

Send us a link to your audition video from the form below.

② Rehearsal on the day of the event

The two-hour rehearsal will be held two and a half hours before the event. Each group will have 12-15 minutes of rehearse time. Performers and the pianist will be rehearsing together to make sure everything runs smoothly during the event.


8-9 groups will be competing against each other and the audience will be voting for the performance they like the most. 4 groups will be entering the finals.


The remaining 4 groups will be competing for the title and the winner will be chosen by the audience. The International SMASH CABARET Award is up for grabs with a $300 money prize.


Submission form

submission form to SMASH CABARET on March 20th, 2019 at West End Lounge. The deadline is March 1, 2019

Name *

《 Message from SMASH CABARET production members 》

Our team met in New York while we were working for a theatre production company. We started this event in 2017, It has been running for two years, and has become one of the most unique events in Tokyo. It has alway one of our goals to bring this event to New York where all the greatest performers are. We are so happy that this is finally going to happen! Please join us as performers or audience to celebrate the journey of musical theatre. 

Producer: Manatsu Domoto

Producer: Manatsu Domoto

MC: Hiroki Moriuchi

MC: Hiroki Moriuchi

MC: Mare Kasuga

MC: Mare Kasuga

Pianist: Nami Hisada

Pianist: Nami Hisada

《 Event Details 》

Date&Time: March 20th, 2019 at 7:30pm
Ticket: $20 (2 drinks minimum) *
Venue: West End Lounge (955 West End Ave, New York)
Host: Mare Kasuga & Jerel Armstrong

*Tickets will be available at the venue

Special thanks to The World Voice Ensemble (TWVE)

Makie Hirakawa   Armstrong (TWVE)

Makie Hirakawa Armstrong (TWVE)

Jerel Armstrong (TWVE)

Jerel Armstrong (TWVE)